Care Line: (844) HOPE-4-SF | (844) 467-3473 | 8PM - 2AM PT [email protected]

we provide spiritual care and multi-faith community at night on the phones and in the streets of San Francisco. we do not judge.
we do not convert. we meet people where they are and offer the  gift of undivided attention and loving presence.

Jobs with San Francisco Night Ministry

We’re glad you’re here! Take a moment to read through the job description, learn more about San Francisco Night Ministry and, if you feel called, please submit an application.

NOW HIRING: Care Line Director


The Care Line Director has full responsibility and authority to lead the Care Line program under the direction of the Executive Director. The Care Line Director supervises Care Line staff, interns and contractors, and all volunteer Care Line Counselors (CLCs). The position combines administration, education, and pastoral care. The Care Line program is envisioned to be a community of volunteers.

This position includes administration, education, and pastoral care. The Care Line Director cultivates both a community of fellowship by bonding the community of CLCs, as well as a community of practice by creating spaces for mutual learning and cultivating skills for crisis care and spiritual care by phone as individuals and as a group.

Whether or not formally ordained, the Care Line Director acts in a ministerial function, will remain in good standing within their licensing or professional associations, and reports directly to the Executive Director.


  • Experience in spiritual care or therapeutic contexts, telephone counseling preferred
  • Excellent Communication skills
    Technological proficiency – able to train others in Talkroute, Zoom, and Google
  • Ability to self-motivate as well as work with a team
  • Attention to detail, accuracy and organized
  • College degree, preferred graduate degree
  • Affiliation with a religious or spiritual tradition and ordination/commissioning, preferred
Care Line Function:
  • With the Executive Director, create and execute a vision for the shape of the Care Line, evolving over time.
    Create a welcoming, compassionate, and healing space for callers.
  • Execute the Care Line mission of increasing access to spiritual care by phone in the nighttime hours.
    Participate periodically, and as needed, on the Care Line as a frontline counselor or in a supervisory or training capacity.
  • Create, approve, and/or maintain all Care Line policies, procedures and workflow.
  • Consult with the Executive Director in relation to Care Line policies and their impact on other areas of Night Ministry.
  • Schedule and/or oversee the scheduling of all Care Line Counselors (CLCs), CL staff, CPE students and externs, and shift leads.
    Maintain the CLC handbook and training materials. Organize and facilitate regular continuing education and fellowship meetings for CLCs.
  • In consultation and cooperation with the Volunteer Experience Director, oversee and facilitate CLC training programs and facilitate ongoing and “exit interview” communications with new volunteers about the Care Line experience.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of Care Line technology. Provide technical support for CLCs, CLC Supervisors, CPE students, Night Ministers, and others, as needed and as pertaining to the Care Line functioning.
    Support and debrief with CLCs and Care Line staff as needed.
Supervision of Staff and Volunteers:
  • With input from the Executive Director, recruit, hire, fire, train, retain, schedule and supervise all Care Line staff, contractors and interns, if any.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews Care Line staff, interns and/or contractors. Oversee periodic review or check-ins with the CLCs.
    Maintain a safe and supportive environment for CLCs.
  • Create a community of fellowship, including regular staff meetings and appropriate socializing for all Care Line staff and volunteers.
  • With consultation and cooperation of the Director of Volunteer Experience, create a community of practice, including regular training sessions and spaces for all Care Line staff and volunteers to cultivate formation and skills.
  • With consultation and cooperation of the Director of Volunteer Experience, actively recruit and oversee the recruitment and retention of all Care Line staff and volunteers in accordance with Night Ministry’s values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Care Line Director will use best efforts to recruit volunteers with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and experiences – including religious or spiritual traditions – so as to reflect, as best as possible, the diversity of people Night Ministry serves on the Care Line.
  • Regular communication and collaboration with the Executive Director.
  • Attend regular senior staff meetings called by the Executive Director.
    Collaborate with other program directors and staff to create a healthy functioning, interconnected team and service among Night Ministry’s various areas and programs.
  • Provide monthly information or written reports to the Executive Director about the Care Line program.
  • Attend and report at least annually at a Governing Board meeting, and as otherwise requested by the Executive Director.
  • Accurately collect and record data as directed by the Executive Director.
Community Outreach & Media:
  • Cultivate relationships with religious and civic organizations as needed. This may include speaking as part of the Speaker’s Bureau.
  • Regularly contribute various media content to social media, e-blasts, and newsletters. Oversee the collection of content from Care Line staff and CLCs.
  • Provide interviews with members of the media as needed.
    Participate in fundraising and promotional events. Support the Executive Director in marketing and fundraising for the Care Line.



we provide spiritual care and multi-faith community at night on the phones and in the streets of San Francisco. we do not judge.
we do not convert. we meet people where they are and offer the gift of undivided attention and loving presence.


Relationship Issues •  Emotional Support •  Grief Counseling •  Loss Counseling •  Trauma Processing • Spiritual Questions


We walk the streets of San Francisco every night, attending to physical and mental needs, providing harm reduction as well as companionship to the people who fall between the cracks of San Francisco’s social services. The people we serve are marginalized and often go unacknowledged despite being members of our community.



Every night, 8 pm – 4 am PT, the San Francisco Night Ministry Care Line is open. This is a multi-faith organization that is  spends time with absolutely anyone on any topic. We will talk and listen deeply without judgment. And, we are overseen by trained professionals in clinical therapy and suicide prevention.



We build programs that welcome anyone who is honestly seeking community. We’re here to engage in mutual care, respect, and support regardless of your faith background or preference. Whether it’s a Tuesday Gathering, Guided Meditation, or Open Cathedral– whether it’s an area of interest for you or just something you are curious about and want to try, we want you to be here.


We believe in the power of counter-cultural deeply compassionate and undivided presence. We’ve seen it support people for over 50 years, and we want to see this work continue well into the future. Clinical Pastoral Education is training in compassionate presence. Helping professionals from any walk of life can apply to our fully accredited ACPE program.

We work when most people are asleep, providing the radical gift of undivided attention because we recognize that lasting change must include tending to the human spirit.