San Francisco Night Ministry, now at 52 years, is often referred to as the Church's "Night Shift."  We are engaged in over 21,000 significant conversations, and serve over 9,500 meals each year, becoming an important bridge and steady support for many people as they face the darkness of the night, but not alone.  We provide compassionate, non-judgmental pastoral care, care of the soul, counseling, referrals, and crisis intervention to anyone in any kind  of distress, every night of the year between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.    Learn more about what we do. 


Join us at a Pop-up Gallery featuring the San Francisco Night Ministry 
April 25, 2017 - 5:30 p.m. at Jamber Wine Pub, 858 Folson St. San Francisco (www.jambersf.com)

“Ministering to the Forgotten” Award-winning Photojournalist Kyle Merrit Ludowitz (www.kylemerrit.com)

No-host wine/beer bar and pub eats! Support San Francisco Night Ministry by showing up, enjoying food and drink, and telling the folks at the bar that your purchase is part of the San Francisco Night Ministry Gallery Pop-up.


Kyle Merritt About Kyle
Beginning in 2009, Kyle has documented, by photograph and dispatch, critical situations and the human condition in areas such as Syria, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Myanmar, Cambodia, Kashmir, Thailand, and India. Featuring many crucial stories related to conflict, poverty, child welfare, and woman's rights, his work is found in many publications from around the world. He currently resides in Oakland, California. Kyle has photographed the multi-denominational ministers who walk the streets of San Francisco every night, from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., offering counseling and crisis intervention for homeless people, at-risk youth, and other people working to make it through the night.

Word of Hope

by Vanessa Lowe

The night can be a desperate and lonely place. Fortunately, there’s a group of people who make it their mission to bring comfort and hope to people in the night.

Produced, edited and mixed by Vanessa Lowe.

Huge thanks to Ian Lewis, who produced a short piece on the SF Night Ministry for KALW and generously shared all of his original recordings. Thank you to Lyle Beckman. Special thanks to Alex Espinoza, Jeremy Cherfas, Michael, Katie Burkart, Herrin Hopper, Heidi Anderson, Neva Moore, David Green, Jemma, Artorias Stark, Hugo Arenivas, Joseph Potter, Mary Jo Eyler, Camilla Meshiea, Marta Pelrine-Bacon, Tara, Lauren Smith, Chris Glover, Edward Champion.

Music Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling

Also by Kent Sparling: Smoke Leaks Through the Wall; A Dark Sound of Hail; Faintly Oleander; Oregos; Eventides; Garden Music, Unreleased Episode

Artwork: Robin Galante

The Night Minister: On the Streets of the Tenderloin With Father Lyle Beckman

by Jeremy Lybarger

It’s at night when our loneliness feels most naked and our fears most relentless. And it’s at night when San Francisco’s night minister hears confessions and offers prayers to those who need them most.

He calls them the desperate hours, and, most nights, that’s an apt description for this stretch of downtown San Francisco. Read the complete article.



by Natalie Yemenidjian, KQED News, June 29, 2016


10:30 p.m.: Pastor Lyle Beckman, the S.F. Night Minister, waits for drag king Kit Tapata to finish her trivia hosting duties to talk about fliers for an upcoming fundraising. Helping others costs money and the Night Ministry relies on folks like Tapata. Beckman orders club sodas, but enjoys the community in local bars. As more neighborhood bars are priced out, he says the only people who talk to him at the new ‘sterile’ spots are the bartenders. (Natalie Yemenidjian/KQED)

Read the complete article.