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About Us

Emeritus Night Ministers offer their blessings to the next generation.

Our History

In the early 1960’s, the Summer of Love was a future happening, and lyricist John Phillips had not yet written, “if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Yet the streets were already filling up with young runaways, gay refugees, and a burgeoning population of seekers of all stripes.

Seven members of the interdenominational Council of Churches got together to sponsor an experimental ministry to reach out to “street people” at night, when the only social services available were police, fire, and ambulance. Rev. Donald E. Stuart become the first Night Minister. He and future Night Minister, Rev. Chuck Lewis, first walked the streets together providing compassionate care on September 1, 1964.

Our People

Rev. Valerie McEntee

Night Minister

Valerie is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and also a long time practitioner of Soto Zen Buddhism.  She holds an MDiv from Pacific School of Religion. Valerie first came to Night Ministry in in 2007 as a Crisis Line Counselor, then accepted a Fellowship in 2008 just prior to being ordained.  When the fellowship was over she told Lyle, “I love this and I’m not leaving,” and so became an Assistant Night Minister.  She remained in that role until she succeeded Lyle as Night Minister in 2018. 

Rev. Trent Thornley

Executive Director / CPE Educator

Trent is an ordained minister in the Metropolitan Community Churches, and an ordained Buddhist Dharma Leader in the Nyingma lineage of Anam Thubten. He is also an ACPE Associate Certified Educator. Trent holds a J.D. degree from Indiana University, an M.A. degree in Buddhist Studies from the Graduate Theological Union, and a Certificate in Buddhist Chaplaincy from Institute of Buddhist Studies. Trent is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the International Enneagram Association. He has had a love affair with San Francisco for almost 25 years.

Rev. Monique Ortiz

Associate Night Minister / Program Manager, Open Cathedrals

Monique is an ordained minister in the UCC. She holds an M.Div. from the Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union. Monique also serves at Santa Maria y Santa Marta Lutheran Church, on the Board of the Interfaith Council, and is involved in community organizing

Rev. Laura Rolen

Volunteer Coordinator / Director, Counseling Line

Laura was a school psychologist for over 20 years. She now serves as a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator. Laura has a Ph.D. in family and child development, an Ed.S. in school psychology, and a master’s degrees in psychology and theology. She is ordained through the Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) Interfaith Community.

Chaplain Jamie Kimmel

Program Manager, Meditation Group

Jamie has been a Zen Buddhist practitioner for over a decade. He serves as hospice chaplain in San Francisco. Jamie graduated from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley with an MA in Buddhist Studies, and also holds a certificate in Buddhist Chaplaincy from the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Karekin Yarian

Program Manager, Sacred Space – SF / Office Manager

Br. K is an Episcopal Friar in the Gregorian Tradition since 1994. K serves as Parish Administrator at Trinity+St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. They trained for Chaplaincy at SF General Hospital, and has been a Spiritual Director for over 20 years. They currently serve as the reigning Grand Duchess of San Francisco.

Rev. Nancy 


Deacon, Open Cathedral

Nancy is an ordained Episcopal Deacon. She is a former Assistant Chaplain, EcHouse Campus Ministry, at San Francisco State University. Nancy is a retired instructor at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and an Associate of the Community of the Transfiguration.

Jim Oerther

Program Manager, Movements

Jim is a dancer by training. He began practicing yoga and meditation when he was 12 years old. He received a Master of Arts degree in 1997 from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley with a focus on movement and gesture in worship. He is currently working on a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on ritual.

Rev. Lyle J. Beckman

Emeritus Night Minister

Jan 2007 – Aug 2018

Rev. Donald A. Fox

Emeritus Night Minister

Nov 1995 – Dec 2006

Rev. Charles H. Lewis

Emeritus Night Minister

Aug 1976 – Jan 1996

Rev. Donald E. Stuart

Founding Night Minister (d)

Sept 1964 – Jul 1976

Assistant Night Ministers

Rev. Daniel Borysewicz

Assistant Night Minister

Chp. Adam Gabriel Briones

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Don Fox

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Berni Fricki

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Thom Longino

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Thomas Muller

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Andreas Pielhoop

Assistant Night Minister

Ven. David Stickley

Assistant Night Minister

Rev. Megan Rohrer

SFPD Chaplain

Chp. John Brett

Assistant Minister, Open Cathedral

Volunteers ☎️

Thank you to our dozens of phone line counselors!

Advisory Board

PJ Handeland
The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus
Jody Jahn
The Rev. Mark Holmerud
Roy Mosley
The Rev. Michael Pappas
Brother Jude Hill, s.s.f
Garry McLain (Empress Marlena)
Night Ministry Staff

CPE Professional Advisory Group

Rev. Rod Seeger, Chair
David Chew
Rev. Evred Cohen
Tammy Lundy
Rev. Valerie McEntee
Ron King
Rev. Hiroka Ochan
Rev. Andreas Pielhoop
Ven. David Stickly
Rev. Silvia Tiznado

Mary VanZomeren

Board of Governors

Thank you to our Board of Governors for their service. Pictured from left to right: Rev. Rodney Seeger (ACPE Certified Educator, Director of Spiritual Care Services at UCSF, Retired, Lutheran); John Cumming, President (Attorney, California Department of Industrial Relations, Episcopalian); Rev. Rebekah DavisSecretary (Pastor St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hill, Lutheran); Chris Calandro, Treasurer (Sales Manager, Tigera, Inc., UCC); and Larry Dannenberg (Administrator, Retired, Lutheran). Not pictured:  James Elerick, Vice-President, President-Elect (Supervisor, Community Volunteer Team, San Francisco Community Housing Partnership, Catholic), Megan Rogers (Assistant Supervisor, Community Volunteer Team, San Francisco Community Housing Partnership, Episcopalian).

We are recruiting new board members for our dynamic ministry. We seek to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Religious diversity is one priority. For more information, please contact us.

OUR Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge these donors who contributed in 2019. You rekindle hope in the spirit of our spiritual justice ministry! Donate Now 💜

Pictured: Over 900 supporters attend a service at the iconic Grace Cathedral to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2014.

Corporations & Foundations

$10,000 to $24,999

The Charles D and Francis K Field Fund

Sisters of Saint Joseph Healthcare Foundation

Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem

$5,000 to $9,999

Community Thrift Store

San Francisco Foundation (FAITHS Grant)

$1,000 to $4,999

Costco Wholesale Executive Match

InFaith Community Foundation

Stems MacArthur Foundation

$500 to $999

Brass Tacks

Schwab Charitable

TDG, Inc. (SF Mix)

Up to $500

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Thank you also to the many organizations that provide meals or other in-kind donations for our clients.

Civic and Religious Organizations

All Saints Lutheran Church, Novato

Bethany United Methodist Church

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Santa Rosa

Catholic Kolping Society of America

Chinese Congregational Church, UCC

Christ Church Lutheran

Christ Church of Portola Valley and Woodside, Episcopal

Christ United Presbyterian Church

Coastside Lutheran Church

Congregational Church of Belmont, UCC

Congregational Church of San Mateo

Ecumenical House Campus Ministry

Elim Lutheran Church

Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

First Evangelical Lutheran Church

First Lutheran of Palo Alto

Grace Lutheran Church

Grand Ducal Court of San Francisco

Grace United Methodist Church

Holy Innocents Episcopal Church

Hope Lutheran Church, San Mateo

Imperial Council of San Francisco

Lakeside Presbyterian Church

Leiden Law School

Lisa Sievers, family and friends

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Lutheran Student Foundation of Montana

Marin Lutheran Church

Metropolitan Community Church, San Francisco

Mission Bay Community Church

Mountain Lutheran Church

Old First Presbyterian

Saint Aidan’s Episcopal Church

Saint Francis Lutheran Church

Saint James Lutheran Church, San Leandro

Saint John’s UCC

Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hill

Saint Mary and Saint Martha Lutheran Church

Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church

Saint Paulus Lutheran Church


Sierra Pacific Synod ELCA

Trinity/St. Peters Episcopal Church

Trinity Lutheran Church, Oakland

Unity Lutheran Church

University of San Francisco/Food Recovery Network

Women of the ELCA

Zion Lutheran Church, San Francisco

Individual Donors

Donors are listed alphabetically by first name for the period of October 2018 – September 2019.

Alfred K. Seaforth

Allison & Chris Farnitano

Alma Zeladaparedes

Andrea Fegley

Andrew H. Sallach

Barbara J. Webb

Becky Thornley

Bonnie L. Lindahl

Bradley and Nancy Parrish

Brian K. Farmer

Bruce and Joyce Huston

Carol Nichols

Carolyn M. Koehler

Charles H. Lewis

Chris Calandro

Chris Fox

Craig Heckman

Dale H. Berven

Dan DaSilva

Dana and Marti Sketchley

David Bloxsom

Dawn M. Eisenberger

Dean and Susan Bjornson

Donald A. Fox

Donald and Carolyn Weber

Elena C. Ramirez

Elfrieda O’Neill

Elizabeth Lewis and David Thier

Elizabeth Monroe

Emery Snyder

Eric Scheide

Esther Home and Ronald Hershman

Fuad and Dorothy Totah

George De Jong

Gordon and Laura Ousset

Grady and Ken Kase

Gregory and Diana Gomez

Gunhild Mariann Nygren-Shae

Howard E. Edelstein

Jacob Alliston

James K. Fruehling

James Wrede

Jane Borg

Jane J. Risk

Jeanne Kirkwood

Jeffery Fong

Jerrold Krause

John and Barbara Addeo

John Elford

Jonathan E. Scheiner

Josephine Karas

Judith A. Bley

Karita E. Wienke

Kateri Paul

Kathleen Fritz

Kathleen Stuart

Kristin Carrico

Larry and Pam Dannenberg

Linda Jackson

Lois Anne Indorf

Loralee S. Durkee

Lorna and Bert Hill

Lyle J. Beckman

Margret Henderson

Marilyn A. Carlson

Mark R. Tyx

Mary Gutknecht

Mary Lu Murphy

Mary Peart

Mary Van Zomeren

Matthew and Yee Ling Fong Fong

Maureen Burns

Maureen Kwok

Michael Langemann

Michael P. Barrett

Michael Wolfe

Mrs. Pope

Nancy Pennekamp and

               John Cumming

Ned and Martha Lamkin

Patricia Brown

Patricia and Michael Busk

Paul Michel

Paula W. Beattie

Peggy and Hodapp

Peter M. Dow

Phil Nakamura

Rebecca Fuller

Richard W. and

            Maureen C. Bergson

Rod and Sandra Seeger

Roger T. Ritter

Ronald King and Dr. Lin Fraser

Ronald and Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

Rose Marie Springer

Ruth M. Finkelstein

Ryan Carmichael

Sara Simpson

Sarah Sonoda

Shannon V. Cheng

Sheila Wishek

Sonja Pilman

Stephen P. White

Susan Blomberg

Susan Richard

Takeshi Tachibana

Tamara Johnson

Ted Meyer

Terri Wright

Toby Leavitt

Tom Austin

Victoria Gray

Wendie O’Dwyer

William Fitzgerald

Special Thanks

These organizations provide significant space and resources sustaining our night ministry and community programs. Thank you!

St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Faithful Fools

Bob's Donuts