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      One of our folks expresses appreciation.

      Spiritual Care

      Spirituality involves existential concerns about the nature of reality and what is Ultimate, and how we make meaning and experience hope in relation to those understandings.

      Hope propels the next step forward to a positive future.

      Spiritual health does not necessarily include theism or any particular belief system. Yet, in many people’s experience, spirituality is an essential aspect of holistic human living.

      We embrace the call by foundations and donors for nonprofit organizations to show more evidence-based, measureable impacts of their work. Since the 1990s, we have been tracking the number and nature of our ministry contacts.

      In the field of chaplaincy, there has been a growing interest in measuring the impact of spiritual care. Some examples of evidence-based research are reported in the Association of Professional Chaplain’s papers, On the Meaning and Practice of Spiritual Care and The Benefits of Spiritual Care Provided by Professional Chaplains, and the National Association of Catholic Chaplain’s paper Studies Show Spiritual Care Linked to Better Health Outcomes

      We also hold space for that which is beyond human understanding, that which is, by nature, immeasureable. Though a spiritual outcome cannot always be described, it can be proclaimed. Story is a time-honored medium.

      We believe in the power of storytelling.

      In addition to our numbers, we share below just a few of our thousands of impactful stories. We hope you will be as inspired as we are.

       Our Numbers

      16,263 Contacts

      In 2019, we had 16,263 distinct, significant contacts with people. A portion of these contacts were with the same person, but in a different encounter. We do not keep records of identifying information. We do track the nature of the person’s primary stated concerns.



      Morality / Ethics


      Relationships / Family


      Medical Issues / HIV







      Talking about Suicide or Homicide

      Seeking Information or Referrals

      Raising Abuse or Domestic Violence

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      Annual Report

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      Annual Report

      Our Stories

      Night Ministers

      Volunteers & Students

      Boards & Friends


      In 2019, we served over 9,600 meals as part of our community programs. Participation in any given program is not required for folks to receive a meal. As an interfaith and multifaith organization, we do not proselytize or seek to convert. The focus of breaking bread together is on community building and fellowship.