Care Line: (844) HOPE-4-SF ☎️ (844) 467-3473 ☎️ 8PM - 4AM PST


      Bob's Donuts freely gives us pastries to top off our healthy meals.


      We appreciate your prayers and good intentions for us and the people we serve.


      The Night Ministry is a 501c3 Californian nonprofit. Our tax ID is 94-3122524.


      Care Line Counselors receive training to serve people by phone, even while working at home. Flexible scheduling.

      Daytime Volunteers assist with promotions, event set-up, and at other times as needed.

      Rekindle your hope through service.


      We accept applications to become an assistant Night Minister. We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion of all kinds, including diversity of spiritual traditions. Contact us for more information.

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      Raising awareness about the unhoused residents of San Francisco and our work on the streets is a vital part of our ministry.

      Peer-to-peer fundraising is a grassroots way to fund our programs and enlighten our community.

      Celebrate a birthday or other fortunate life event by asking your friends to give to the SF Night Ministry. Modest fundraising goals are welcome! Personalize and share your campaign via social media, email, and text.

      Your fundraising campaign is a ministry of awareness.


      Sponsor a group walk with a night minister for your corporate team or community. Group walks are a critical part of our ministry of awareness. To honor the space of people in our care, we limit the number of walks, and we rotate neighborhoods.

      Night walks raise awarenesss.

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      Some organizations return a portion of sales to non-profit organizations. We have accounts with Amazon and Giving Assistant. Your regular purchases through these programs generate funds for SF Night Ministry at no cost to you.

      Select “Night Ministry”


      We are a partner with Community Thrift Store (623 Valencia St. at 18th St. in San Francisco). Call 415-861-4910 for more information.

      Donations made in our name benefit us directly. Use Code #194 when donating for SF Night Ministry.


      Meals — You or your group can host a meal at one of our programs, such as Open Cathedral or Tuesday Night Gathering. Contact us in this form for details.

      In-Kind Donations — We accept in-kind donations of socks and blankets for distribution on the streets. We can refer fitted clothing and other items to our community partners. Also useful are gift certificates to fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

      Your hospitality rekindles hope.

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