COVID-19 Response

Mar 12, 2020

Night Ministry Responds With Compassion


We are committed to keeping our community safe and healthy. In this time, we are reminded just how interconnected everyone and everything is.

The COVID-19 “Coronavirus” provides yet another reason — as if we needed one — to inspire us to treat the least among us with dignity, respect, and care for the well-being of all of us.


We are One Body,
One Heart,
One Humanity
One Planet,
One Beloved Community.

Rev. Valerie Shares Our Needs

Night Ministry is gratefully accepting your donations of hand-sanitizer — in whatever shape or size — and empty small bottles for refills. Contact us!

Everyone we have provided with hand santizer is immediately and profusely grateful. Many of the folks we serve are nocturnal and do not have easy access to day-time services.

Consider partnering with Night Ministry in our efforts to meet the spiritual, emotional, and in this case physical needs of our vulnerable neighbors.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty, Night Ministy could really use your monetary donations and your prayers, metta, and good intentions.

Thank you for your support!


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