Meditation Group Launch

Nov 3, 2019

San Francisco Night Ministry offers a variety of spiritually-based community programs. In this way, we are multi-faith: we encourage each program to reflect one particular wisdom tradition and to live out that tradition unapologetically.

By offering a variety of programs, we invite people on the streets and in marginal housing into whatever spiritual community that most closely speaks to their understanding of reality, human suffering and liberation, and meaning-making.

Meditation Group is a pilot community program. It is a weekly Buddhist-inspired gathering. After check-ins and tea, we engage in a heavily-guided, trauma-informed meditation period. We end with check-outs. Teachings center on the two wings of Dharma — wisdom and compassion.


Pictured left to right: Linda Atkins, Jackie Hider, and Jamie Kimmel (program director). Bringing decades of Buddhist practice, from a variety of traditions, the facilitators are ready to learn and grow alongside our community to offer an accessible gateway into the dharma.


All are welcome at Meditation Group. No meditation experience is necessary. We are co-creating this program with the community. We may experiment with outdoor meditation periods and sitting in the dedicated zendo at our host site, Faithful Fools.

We believe any new program should be responsive to the community, both in terms of who is supporting it and who is participating in it. This fundraising campaign would resource one year of Mediation Group programming. Your donation signals to us that the larger community supports this kind of community and service. We will continue to check in with participants to assess if the program works for them, and what adjustments might be made.

You can also text code “BUDDHA” to 44-321. Feel free to share this text code!

Give To Support "Meditation Group"

If you feel moved to bring Buddhist-inspired meditation to the margins of San Francisco community, consider offering dana. The success of this program depends upon the generosity of our donors.


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