SFNM at the Faith March for MLK Day

Jan 22, 2020

Ministry of Awareness

John Cumming and Rev. Nancy Pennekamp engaged in a “ministry of awareness” when carrying a SFNM banner at the 2020 Faith March for MLK Day. John is president of SFNM’s Governing Board, and Nancy is a volunteer deacon for Open Cathedral.

Ministry of Awareness involves connecting the Night Ministry’s work with the larger community. It also involves a “ministry of bridging” of all kinds — e.g., people who are fortunate and privileged with people who are on hard times and marginalized; people of the day with people of the night; the spiritual life with the secular world.

Anyone who feels so moved can participate in a Ministry of Awareness for SFNM.

Contact us if you are interested in doing so, and we will support you in your ministry!


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