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      Spiritual care training reimagined.

      Extended and Summer CPE. Clinical Placements.

      We Cultivate caregivers

      Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is training in compassionate presence. CPE is grounded in the spiritual tradition of the student in formation. Night Ministry is fully accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education ( to offer all levels of CPE. Our programs are open to anyone with a heart of service. We welcome seminarians and chaplains, as well as nurses, doctors, social workers, therapists, social activists, and other helping professionals. We run at least one Buddhist-centered CPE program a year.

      We Meet People Where They Are

      We train CPE students in four clinical areas:  Night Ministry (nightly walks on the streets of San Francisco), Care Line (telephone care and crisis line operated by counselors working from home), Community Programs (multi-faith religious services for the marginalized), and Ministry of Awareness (religious non-profit media and administration in the digital age).

      We Listen With Love

      On the Care Line, CPE students gain clinical hours while working at home. Students staff and supervise the phone line, including debriefing with the volunteer counselors. Night Ministry’s Care Line is a clinical placement site for students doing CPE at other centers. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more. Find a sample site placement agreement below.


      Currently, we are no longer accepting applications for our spring and summer 2021 programs. We may run a program in fall 2021, however, so we are keeping new applications on file. Virtual and distance learning are possible in all of our programs. The Spring  “extended” unit is full.


      Admissions on a rolling basis. $35 application fee, payable below.


      Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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      Generally this was a great program. I was especially impressed, given the complete curveball of the Corona Virus, how SFNM was able to pivot and figure out how to safely and effectively keep its staff and volunteers motivated to keep serving people in such an uncertain time.”

      Shelly Webb
      Spring 2020

      SFNM was quite the program. The diversity of the program facilitated an opportunity to engage and meet with individuals in the ‘real’. The population we serviced was a vulnerable and often overlooked community. The expectation was to put our new learning into practice with love with tenderness and with care.”

      Dr. Karma McDonald
      Spring 2020

      There were diverse areas for serving as an interfaith chaplain including weekly outdoor cathedrals, meditation group, gathering, phone and street ministry. I had the opportunity to bring my practices to all these areas.”

      Cecily Knepprath
      Spring 2020

      “Many different Night Ministers, staff members, and volunteers are available for consultation and model various approaches to skillful and compassionate care. We were able to talk explicitly about racial justice, housing, and other difficult contextual factors.”

      Joanna Benskin
      Summer 2020

      “A strength was the particular people involved. We had a great cohort with a really effective educator and great support and engagement with the rest of the SFNM staff.”

      The Rev. Portia Hopkins
      Summer 2020

      “In thinking about our CPE unit there is so much I am grateful for, but one thing I frequently circle back to is the safe, learning-lab quality of our group sessions and one-on-one meetings. While this relies heavily on the work and energy and engagement of its members, my experience is that this is also facilitated by the structure of the program.”

      Margot Wagner
      Summer 2020

      “Overall, this was a wonderful program. I couldn’t have asked for a better CPE experience, and I’m very grateful to have been able to do this much-needed work during this challenging time in San Francisco.

      Sam Lundquist
      Summer 2020