Office Clean Up

Oct 23, 2019


During the last week of September 2019, we undertook a significant renovation of our office. Because Night Ministers and phone counselors work in the space, and very late at night, we strive to make it as calming and comfortable as possible. One volunteer walked in and exclaimed, “It feels like a Zen lounge in here!” Exactly!

Help From Our Friends

Governing Board members Rod Seeger (right) and James Elerick (center) pitched in with Megan Rogers and a crew from Community Housing Partnerships to move furniture, organize, and paint. Thank you!
We are also hoping to host more meetings and community gatherings in our space. The table in the front left of the photo is our interfaith ritual space. On a whiteboard above this table, we post the names of folks who ask us to keep in them in our prayers and meditations. We recite and remember these names nightly.

Come for a visit sometime!



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