Valerie Honored

Nov 2, 2019

On September 28, 2019, the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco honored Night Minister Valerie McEntee with the Right Reverend Troy Perry International Spiritual Leadership Award.

Congratulations Valerie!

That night, our own Karekin Yarian, aka Catherine Rose, was coronated at the Grand Duchess of the incoming court named The Court of the Letter Rose of Sensuality and Strength. Karekin is the director of SF Night Ministry’s Sacred Space program and our Office Administrator.

Coronation 2019

Rev. Valerie McEntee, Grand Duke Timothy R. Valdivia, Grand Duchess Catherine Rose, and Rev. Trent Thornley.
The Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fund raising organization that raises money for a wide array of charity organizations through large annual costume balls and various other, smaller fund raisers throughout the year. Both the Imperial Court System and the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco are built using roughly the same power structure. “Monarchs” are elected and the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) portion is run by a Board of Directors or Trustees. Read more about the Grand Ducal Council.

SF Night Ministry is honored that the The Court of the Letter Rose of Sensuality and Strength named us in its Monarch Charity Fund as one of six top charity recipients for the upcoming year. Last year, the prior court raised over $110,000 for San Francisco charities.


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